Government Links & Info

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City Council

Our District 2 Councilor is Pam Richardson. You can sign up for Pam’s newsletter, see past issues of her newsletter, and/or find her on Facebook. Her email is

Our At-Large Councilors – who represent our district as well as the rest of Framingham – are Cheryl Tully Stoll and George King.

Cheryl has a Web site at Her email address is and her phone number is 508-641-4884.

George has a Web site at, is on Facebook, and is on Twitter at @georgepkingjr. He will have an official Framingham city email address once the new government takes office in January.

School Committee

District 2 School Committee member Ricky Finlay has a Facebook page. He can be reached by email at


There is a Mayor’s page on Framingham’s government Web site where you can sign up for an email list for news from the Mayor’s Office. In addition, Mayor-Elect Yvonne Spicer is also on Facebook and on Twitter at @spicerformayor.

See info about Mayor-Elect Spicer’s transition team.

Sign up for the email list!! See neighborhood events at the District 2 calendar. For events throughout Framingham, visit – now also available as an Amazon Alexa Skill (just say “Alexa, enable Framingham Events”).