This blog began in 2017 as a volunteer civic project, when Framingham was transitioning from town to city. The goal was to help inform people about what was happening Framingham’s then-new District 2 government structure before our first-ever city election.

More than six years later, it’s still here - a neighborhood blog that aims to inform people about local government and politics as well as events of interest in and near Saxonville and Nobscot. (You may have noticed that I don’t mention local schools, which are also very important. But because this is a volunteer project, it necessarily is limited. I simply don’t have time to follow those too.)

I overhauled the blog in early 2023. A few older posts were moved to this new platform, but most of the 300+ posts weren’t.

In addition to visiting this site, you can also keep up with District2Framingham.com by signing up for the email list, subscribing to the RSS feed, or following the @FramDist2 Mastodon account.

This project is spearheaded by former Precinct 5 Town Meeting Member Sharon Machlis Gartenberg, a former member of the Town Meeting Standing Committee on Planning & Zoning and former reporter at the MetroWest Daily News (then the Middlesex News).

To contact me, you can email sharon at this domain (without the www). I’m not writing out the email address in a probably futile effort to try to prevent spammers.

This website was created in R with the Quarto publishing platform.

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