Sharon Machlis Gartenberg


September 5, 2017

Thanks for stopping by! This site is for news about Framingham’s new District 2 as we transition from town to city. It launched in July, and is non-commercial and non-partisan.

Recently, I posted information about Mayoral and At-Large City Council candidates, including their responses to my questions about important issues in our neighborhood and Framingham as a whole. Soon after the Sept. 26 preliminary election, I’ll be posting more information about our District 2 candidates (there is no preliminary election for District 2 offices).

In addition, you may see the occasional post about interesting non-political/governmental events in the neighborhood, such as the recent summer jazz concerts at the McAuliffe Library.

If you’d like to keep up with the latest news – and join discussions about our neighborhood – please sign up for the email news group at https://mailman-mail5.webfaction.com/listinfo/district2.

This site is a public service project from Sharon Machlis Gartenberg as Framingham transitions from town to city. Sharon is a former Precinct 5 Town Meeting Member and former member of the Standing Committee on Planning & Zoning. She also was previously a reporter at the MetroWest Daily News (then the Middlesex News).

(Note: If you’re looking for fun and interesting things to do around Framingham, and not just in our immediate neighborhood, check out my events calendar at framinghamevents.com.)

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