Framingham Mayoral Campaign Contributions by District

A look at campaign contributions to Framingham mayoral candidates by district

Sharon Machlis Gartenberg


September 24, 2017

When it comes to campaign contributions, District 2 has overwhelmingly supported Framingham mayoral candidate Yvonne Spicer. That’s according to my analysis of initial campaign financial disclosure data available from the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Dr. Spicer received $3,636.51 from 31 contributors. Former Rep. John Stefanini followed with $1,330 from 14 contributors in the district, while Attorney Mark Tilden tallied $100 from 2 donations. No other mayoral candidate received donations from the district based on available data.

That’s considerably different from overall fundraising totals, as you might have seen in the MetroWest Daily News last week: “John Stefanini has raised more money for his mayoral campaign than the six other candidates have raised combined,” according to the article by Jonathan Dame. “A majority of his donations were from people living outside of Framingham.”

Here’s how campaign contributions break down by district, according to my analysis of donors with Framingham addresses excluding Post Office boxes:

Interestingly, Spicer and Stefanini each topped fundraising in four districts, while Joshua Paul Horrigan took all $80 of funds contributed in District 9.

Stefanini still outraised Spicer in overall contributions from donors who reported Framingham street addresses (again excluding P.O. boxes), as you can see in the chart’s Total row above.

Here’s the breakdown by size of contribution, looking at the top two candidates by money raised from donors who reported a Framingham street address. Spicer led in contributions of less than $500; Stefanini led in contributions of $500 and over. (And, it seems, very few people sent in contributions greater than $50 but less than $100.)

Here’s a look at contributions by precinct for each candidate by numbers of individual contributors:

In number of contributors, Spicer was the leader in 7 districts, Stefanini in 1, and Horrigan in 1.

If you’re wondering, here’s what I have for percent funds raised from donors in Framingham. This includes P.O. boxes as well as any money that candidates gave or loaned to their campaigns:

Methodology. Political contribution data include donors’ names and addresses, but not their precincts or districts. I geocoded all the addresses I could – excluding P.O. Boxes – with the geocodio service. Then, I used the R Project for Statistical Computing’s sf package (the st_join function for any fellow R nerds out there) to determine which precinct each address was in.

Data includes donations of cash and “in-kind” goods and services through September 8.

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