Framingham preliminary election results in District 2

City Council

Sharon Machlis Gartenberg


September 28, 2017

Like most of Framingham, District 2 went solidly for Yvonne Spicer in Tuesday’s preliminary election; but the City Council race was a bit more interesting.

The district was almost evenly split on our top choice for At-Large City Council. Precinct 5 chose Cheryl Tully Stoll in the top spot by 501 votes to 460, while Precinct 3 went for Christine Long 386-357. Together, Tully Stoll topped the district by 12 votes, 858-846.

It wasn’t quite as close for the number-one spot townwide, with Tully Stoll at 5,881 and Long at 4,671.

However, the preliminary election was to select four finalists to compete in November for two seats overall, not to pick a winner. George King finished third in the district with 572 votes, comfortably earning that third spot on the November ballot, while Sam Mercurio edged Pablo Maia 161-156 in precincts 3 and 5. Overall, though, Maia finished fourth in all of Framingham, edging out Mercurio for the fourth spot in the ballot 1030-1010.

For Mayor, Yvonne Spicer won both District 2 precincts handily with 918 votes, followed by John Stefanini at 382. Spicer garnered almost 60% of the District 2 vote in a seven-candidate field.

Overall district turnout was 29% – 32% in Precinct 5 ad 26% in Precinct 3. Town-wide turnout was 27.5%, topped by Precincts 4 and 11 at 36%.

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