Binnall to challenge incumbent Stewart-Morales for District 2 City Council Seat

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Sharon Machlis


June 10, 2021

Jake Binnall, a member of the Mayor’s 2030 Advisory Council who formerly served on the Framingham Community Development Committee, has announced he running for District 2 City Council, according to a statement posted at the Framingham Source. Binnall was elected chairman of the Framingham Republican Committee last year.

Current District 2 Councilor Cesar Stewart-Morales said last month that he is running for re-election. “I plan to continue advocating for our neighborhoods and for all of Framingham as your local representative,” Stewart-Morales said in a press release.

In his announcement, Binnall said he would prioritize protecting the school budget from cuts, conserving open space, and “fostering innovation to attract new businesses,” among other issues.

Stewart-Morales’s campaign website is at Binnall’s site is at

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