Stewart-Morales Re-Elected as District 2 City Councilor


Sharon Machlis


November 3, 2021

District 2 City Councilor Cesar Stewart-Morales won re-election Tuesday for a second term over challenger Jacob Binnall, 1,057 votes to 677. Stewart-Morales won handily in both Precinct 3 (490-254) and 5 (567-423), according to unofficial results released by the City Clerk’s office Tuesday night.

“I am very grateful for your support, campaign contributions, calls, door-knocking and of course, for your votes!,” he said in an emailed statement. “I am focused on working with the newly elected and re-elected officials to make sure that District 2 voices are heard in the Memorial Building. Please reach out anytime and you will be hearing more from me soon!”

39% of registered voters turned out in Precinct 5, second-highest in the city after Precinct 4’s 42%. 32% voted in Precinct 3. The city-wide average was 31%.

Ricky Finlay ran unopposed for District 2 School Committee and was elected with 1,281 votes.

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