Major Changes to District 2 boundaries Under 1 Re-Districting Plan


Sharon Machlis


December 6, 2021

There would be major changes to the makeup of District 2 under one of two plans being considered by the Framingham City Council. Both plans are on the Council agenda tomorrow, Tuesday, December 7.

Under so-called Proposal B, most of Pinefield would be moved to District 1 and a number of residents on and around Potter Road would be shifted from District 1 to District 2. Update: City Council votes to keep District 2 mostly intact.

Proposal A, meanwhile, makes only modest changes to the boundary lines.

Disclaimer: Proposal B would also mean the end of and the District 2 email list, since I would be among those shifting into District 1 (and I do not plan to create a new site for a new district in that case).

You can see the official Proposal A here and Proposal B here.

Below you can see interactive maps I created based on proposed new city precinct boundaries first outlined this summer, although if there have been changes since then, I don’t have them.

Click the map legend at the top right to switch between Proposal A, Proposal B, and current districts. You can see Proposal A is closer to current boundaries. Mouse over an area to see its district, precinct, and councilor. (Ignore that narrow sliver of blue between larger purple areas around Potter Road on the Proposal B layer. That surrounds the Weston Aqueduct and I had inexact boundaries there, but that small narrow area doesn’t involve any buildings. It is a thick red line on the official PDF and unclear which side of the boundary that is.)

Use the search icon to the left of the map towards the top if you want to search for a specific address. Type in part of the address and then wait for choices to appear; you need to select from the available choices because typing in a full free-form address won’t work. (post continues below map)