New ‘Friends of Framingham Trails’ Group Launches

The group plans to focus on spreading awareness about current trails, advocating for trails, organizing meet-ups, and stewardship & cleaning. First meeting is March 4.

Sharon Machlis


February 24, 2023

Trees on the Weston Aqueduct Trail

Trees on the Weston Aqueduct Trail (photo by Sharon Machlis)

A new Framingham trails advocacy group will hold its first meeting Saturday, March 4, 10 a.m. at McAuliffe Library, Mary Kate Feeney announced on Facebook. After the meeting, a short tour of the future site of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is planned (that site is next to the library).

According to the post:

We’re looking for more people to join us and getting involved by:

  • Spreading awareness about current trails and future plans

  • Advocating for trails to local and state representatives and partners

  • Organizing walking/biking/hiking meet-ups throughout the year

  • Stewardship and cleaning

In discussion about the announcement, Feeney said the group will also be working on better mapping of existing trails.

It’s unclear yet whether the meeting will also be available online.

If you are on Facebook, look for the “Friends of Framingham Trails” public group, which was previously focused on rail trails in the city.

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