(Partial) Framingham Trail Map from MA GIS Data

In advance of Saturday’s inaugural meeting of Friends of Framingham Trails, I mapped available state GIS trails data

Sharon Machlis


March 1, 2023

In advance of Saturday’s inaugural meeting of the new Friends of Framingham Trails, there’s been some discussion on Facebook about the need for a good map of the city’s existing trails. I agree! So I went to the the Massachusetts GIS website to see what data already exists. Results are below.

If you hover your mouse very carefully over a trail, those with trail or site names will show pop-up label info. It’s tough with thin trail lines; zooming in might help. Most of the hovering will show the area district number.

If you hover over the layer icon below the pan/zoom icons at the top right, you can change the background map and turn off and on various data layers based on source.

Most of the trails in green are from MassGIS Data: Trails. Cochituate Rail Trail in blue is from MassGIS Data: Bicycle Trails. I didn’t see the Weston Aqueduct Trail in the data, so I downloaded that separately from OpenStreetMap. I also overlaid district boundaries so people can see which trails are in what district.

This map was created with the R programming language and the mapview package.

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