Bike or Walk from Saxonville to Cochituate State Park

The Cochituate Rail Trail ‘spur’ to Cochituate State Park is now open

Sharon Machlis Gartenberg


March 19, 2023

The Cochituate Rail Trail, with one end in Saxonville (corner of Rte 126 and School Street) and the other in Natick, passes right by Cochituate State Park. I hadn’t been on the trail for awhile, and I was happy to see that the new trail “spur” into Cochituate State Park is open!

Photo of trail with a sign at the lower right explaining the trail and mentioning the park

Trail ‘spur’ off the main Cochituate Rail Trail into Cochituate State Park

It’s now possible to bike (or walk if you’ve got the time) from Saxonville to the state park beach without having to worry about crossing Rte. 30 or Speen Street traffic. (You do have to cross Old Connecticut Path on the trail, but there is a light to stop traffic for pedestrians and cyclists).

The key issue now is how to get safely from wherever you live to the start of the trail in Saxonville.

Map of the Cochituate Rail Trail with arrows pointing to the start in Saxonville and to the state park spur

Trail not super easy to see here, it’s one of the dotted/dashed blue lines as well as some bright orange. Red arrows show the Saxonville start and the spur into Cochituate State Park. Source: OpenStreetMap

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