Highlights from Mayor Sisitsky’s presentation at Friends of Saxonville

Via Mary Kate Feeney’s The Ham’er newsletter, news of a new study on the future of the Athenaeum and surroundings.

May 22, 2023

I was unable to attend the annual Friends of Saxonville meeting earlier this month featuring Mayor Sisitsky (I have a class Tuesday nights). Fortunately, Mary Kate Feeney wrote up the highlights in her Framingham Ham’er email newsletter:

* $75,000 of Community Block Development Grand funds have been earmarked to study Watson Place, the pumping station, the old firehouse, and the Athenaeum in Saxonville, she reported.

* Alas nothing new on the State Lumber site, which has been vacant for years.

* “Plans are underway for updates to the park by the dam, and the city is addressing the issue of trucks parked overnight in Pinefield,” Feeney wrote.

You can see her full write-up of the meeting in her May 22 newsletter, What to do with the Athenaeum in Saxonville?

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