Murphy’s Eats & Treats Opening Friday, Oct. 20 in Nobscot

The restaurant asks for patience as they slowly roll out their menu and staff gets up to speed.

Sharon Machlis Gartenberg


October 12, 2023

“We are very excited to announce our opening day in Framingham which will be on Friday, October 20th at 11:30AM,” Murphy’s posted on their Facebook page.

“Our Framingham location will be serving our regular menu and we do not plan to start serving our roast beef sandwiches for at least a couple of weeks,” the post noted. “Our staff has some work to do to familiarize themselves with the new kitchen and restaurant layout and the new flow of our cook line. Once we have everyone comfortable we will introduce the roast beef and shortly after that we will introduce our breakfast service.”

Murphy’s said they won’t be taking phone or online orders during their first week. “If you come to join us, please be patient with our staff as some of the staff members have only had a few shifts in Ashland and are still learning.”

Murphy’s Ashland location bills itself as “a gathering place to enjoy a burger, salad, seafood and plenty of hard and soft serve ice cream”. They serve Richardson’s ice cream in Ashland -- the same brand served at Mad Willie’s in Framingham Centre. The menu also boasts they serve Captain Marden’s Seafoods, including clams, scallops, and haddock fish and chips.

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