Framingham Election Day Tomorrow!

Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm Tuesday, November 7. And it’s not too late to submit your vote-by-mail ballot at a dropbox.
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Sharon Machlis Gartenberg


November 6, 2023

Tomorrow is Election Day! And District 2 has a contested race for City Council. This is likely to be a low turnout election, since there’s no Mayoral race or contested At-Large City Council race this year. Your vote matters!!!

Who’s on the ballot?

More info on our District 2 City Council race at’s Q&A with candidates Brandon Ward and Sean Silk.

There’s also a city-wide contested race for Library Trustees. The Ham’er did Q&As with those candidates .

You can view a District 2 sample ballot at

When and where can I vote?

Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm tomorrow, Tuesday November 7.

Precincts 25 & 26 vote at the Walsh Middle School on Brook Street.Precinct 27 votes at the King Elementary School on Water Street.

Don’t know what precinct you’re in or where to vote? Head to and enter your address.

If you have a mail-in ballot, it’s not too late to use it - although I wouldn’t suggest postal mail the day before Election Day. But you can submit it at the ballot drop box in front of the McAuliffe Library. There’s also a drop box in front of City Hall if downtown is convenient. And if you want to hand deliver it to someone, you can bring your own ballot in person to the City Clerk’s office until 5 pm today while it’s open (the office is closed tomorrow).

You can’t bring a mail-in ballot to a regular polling place. However, you can change your mind and decide to vote in person, even if you already received a mail-in ballot — as long as you then don’t use that mail-in ballot, of course.

Sign up for the District 2 email-list.