Group 1 Wins Democratic Committee Race

Update: All 34 members of Group 1 easily won spots on the committee along with Rep. Sousa. Article now includes a sortable, searchable table with official results (totals only, not by district or precinct).
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Sharon Machlis


March 5, 2024

All of Group 1 headed by State Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis were elected to the Framingham Democratic Committee along with State Rep. Priscilla Sousa from Group 2 as the 35th member, according to my extremely brief analysis of the unofficial returns.

Rep. Lewis topped all candidates with 3,976 (Update: 4,342 in official results), followed by former Mayor Yvonne Spicer at 3,838 (4,163 official) and City Councilor Adam Steiner at 3,809 (4,150 official), according to my calculations. The PDF of unofficial results is posted on the city website here: (Update: this PDF is different with more complete data than the one first posted on election night) . It’s not yet in the most data-analysis-friendly of formats, so keep in mind this is what I was able to determine after trying to sort the results as they are in a bit of a hurry.

The lowest total among Group 1 was 3,308, according to my calculations (3,562 official). Rep. Sousa garnered 1,818 votes to take the 35th spot. (2,058 official). Turnout citywide was 28%.

Update: Searchable, sortable table from the official 2024 primary results below:

On the presidential ballot, results were what you’d expect, although on the Republican side, Nikki Haley notched a respectable 1,786 vs 2,016 showing here.

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