Interactive Map with New Precinct and District Boundaries

Government & Politics

Sharon Machlis


December 12, 2021

What precinct and district will you be in under the Framingham precinct redistricting adopted this week by the City Council?

Below is a map based on the latest precinct shapefiles I received from the city GIS office, along with my understanding of which precincts will be in what districts based on the Dec. 7, 2021 City Council vote. Left side is current precincts and districts; right side is what the Council voted.

You can click on the magnifying-glass search icon at the top left of the map to search for an address. You need to type part of the address and wait for a drop-down list of choices and then select your desired address choice. (Unlike Google Maps’ website, this search can’t accept any free-form text address input.) The slider can be moved to the left or right.

Left Side Current; Right Side Newly Adopted

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